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Rebecca Rushton

Rebecca Rushton


206 459 6277

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Rebecca Rushton was passionate about real estate even before she earned her license in 2003. Being on the hunt for a great house is something she loves as much as horses. In her early years driving around Seattle, she always dreamed about what houses looked like on the inside. It was so much fun to meet new people just so she could get a tour of their most prized possession, their home. It is this curiosity and an offer from Realty West Properties that fueled her interest and passion for real estate. Now that dream is a daily reality!

Today, her goal is to provide her clients with quick responses to their questions, timely showing when they are on the hunt for a house and great service as we walk through the closing process. In working with her clients she always strive to find them their special gem and match the needs of their family all while trying to give great suggestions on looking towards the future.
Whether it be selling a second home or finding that first home to love, it is her desire to match people to their dreams.


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