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Boyd Watkins

Boyd Watkins


425 766 7370

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The heart and soul of Realty West Properties, Boyd is known for uncompromising Integrity. He dedicates himself to dealing honestly in every facet of his life. Reliability!

Boyd established the business 37 years ago, during an era of tough economic times for Washington State. Boyd has perfected his criteria for successful investments. His guidelines have proven invaluable for his many investors. They have made wise investments that have provided cash flow and serious appreciation during their tenure. Knowledge!

Boyd has kept a strict focus on properties HUD sells after paying off their failed FHA loans. Sold at great values, these assets provide perfect opportunities for flipping, renting, living in and eventually reselling. Best Values!

His famous quote “price cures all ills” is used often around the office as encouragement for searching out the best deal.

Boyd’s investment expertise does not overshadow his passion for helping first time homebuyers and owner occupants find great deals on wonderful houses. He has worked tirelessly to find great bargains with minor repairs for these buyers. It brings him great joy to see a client enjoy the benefit of owning their own piece of real estate. Wise Council!

Education has been a huge part of Boyd’s success. He holds an Engineering Physics degree from Colorado School of Mines and a Master of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School. He has completed all the Certified Commercial Investment Membership courses. We call him our “human calculator.” Boyd reads extensively, and thinks deeply. With the ever increasing complexity of loans and the requirements to qualify, Boyd easily grasps the components of each situation and finds solutions even when everything looks bleak. His ability to see the big picture and figure out how to make the wisest loan, best price and buyer’s credit all work so the buyer gets the house is an amazing process to watch. Solid Thinking!

Boyd would love to help you take advantage of the HUD foreclosure possibilities for owning a great house for an even better price. Contact him today for excitement, passion and some down-right great ideas! Genuine enthusiasm!

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