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david Watkins

David Watkins


206 510 7672

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David’s Specialties: Short Sale, Bank Foreclosure, Estate, Government Owned, or Privately held, David is an expert negotiator with any seller!

Primarily a buyer’s agent since the late 90s David transitioned to lead Realty West Properties Listing Agent in 2014. He offers a unique value proposition to prospective sellers and has the tool set and experience to invest his own money on preparing your home for sale.

Whether buying or selling, David has seen it all and loves developing and pricing unique search criteria. He is passionate about getting his customers the best possible value. A relentless house hunter David sees between 50 and 100 houses per week. Having personally renovated over 200 homes he has a contractor’s eye for estimating costs to repair.

David has real estate in the blood. He is as comfortable working with first time home buyers as he is seasoned real estate investors. He grew up repairing his father’s rentals until he was old enough to get a brokers license. He has been a Real Estate Investor all his life. And currently holds investments in Silverdale, Bremerton, Spokane, South Seattle & Aurora Colorado. His favorite real estate investment was three town homes purchased in Southern California after graduating from Pomona College. These properties performed at a 23% ROI per year until they were sold for 4, 5 & 7 times their respective purchase price.

Married since 2004, to the Austrian Amazon, Manuela Horn, David is a proud father of two children; Louise and Max. He is a certified Senior Real Estate Specialist and an aspiring Eco broker. Contact him to schedule a first time Zillow or Home buyer’s class. Available from 8Am to 10Pm Tuesday through Sunday call his cell number at 206 510 7672.


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You might have seen him at QVC, Safeway or at that  Normandy Park Market.

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